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I love you & I like you Bracelet

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I love you & I like you Bracelet - Sterling Silver, Aluminum, Copper Cuff Bracelet - Friendship, Birthday, Anniversary Bracelet

About our metals:

- Aluminum is our most popular metal because it is lightweight, extremely low skin reaction rate, will not tarnish & will not turn your skin green!
- Sterling Silver, Brass, and Copper have a little more weight to them. They will both oxidize naturally over time. A small polishing cloth tab will be included with your order with the purchase of one of these metals.
- Cuff is about 6 inches (about 15 cm) from end to end and is adjustable to fit most size wrists
- 1/4 inch tall (6.25mm) (2/3 cm)

✭ All pieces are personally hand cut/punched and hand stamped one character at a time, so text may not be perfectly straight or evenly spaced. These variations create uniqueness, adding charm and character to every handmade piece.


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