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Zombie Apocalypse Buddy Ring Set - Skinny Rings

Zombie Apocalypse Buddy Ring Set - Skinny Rings
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Set of 2 Zombie Apocalypse Buddy Rings. It is never too early to prepare for the (un?)likely coming zombie apocalypse. An essential rule - never EVER go anywhere alone so, go out and secure your buddy!

- Pure 1100 Aluminum band: Pure Aluminum has a lower skin reaction rate and gives the look of Sterling Silver without the cost or worries. Bands have been tumbled to a nice shine.
- Can be any size you'd like and will be adjustable to comfortably fit 2 sizes below and above desired size.
- 1/4 inch tall (6mm) (2/3 cm)
- Stamping is oxidized for contrast

? Please let me know what ring size base you'd prefer for EACH at checkout.

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