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Customize Your Own Wrap Bracelet

Customize Your Own Wrap Bracelet
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Custom Hand Stamped Aluminum Cuff Bracelet - Black. Perfect personalized gift for anyone as it is no fuss - just wrap as many times as needed and tie. Aluminum piece can be stamped with your favorite quote, phrase, song, or anything of your choice (the sky's the limit!).

- Pure 1100 Aluminum gives the look of Sterling without the cost or worries as it has a lower skin reaction rate than even Sterling
- Aluminum piece is about 2 inches x 1/2 inches (5x1.25cm) and has been tumbled for 12 hours for a nice shine
- Soft leather lace will measure 36 inches (1 meter, 76 cms)
For your reference, the font used in this sample is Small Block.

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